Medical Consulting

HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL is an internationally operating healthcare agency. It provides access to top-quality healthcare in Europe, particularly in Germany, for patients from anywhere in the world.
HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL consists of a group of medical experts based in Frankfurt, Germany, tied into large international network of medical institutions covering the whole range of medical specialities.

"Patient-Doctor Matching":
HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL's way to guarantee the best treatment for each patient

Optimal treatment results depend on two factors: The patient's individual (specific) medical condition and the specialisation and experience of the doctors who treat the patient. Therefore, HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL's medical professionals analyse each patient's medical condition thoroughly before assigning ("matching") him or her to the best and most experienced medical specialists available, preferably in Germany, but also in other European countries.

HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1995 as Ibn Sina Medical Consulting in Munich by Dr. Michael and Bushra Stehling-Al-Mahrazi.

The initial name was chosen in honour of the great physician Abu Ali Ibn Sina, a pioneer of the medical sciences.He lived between 980-1037 C. E. Ibn Sina was an extraordinary scientist, physician and philosopher to whom we owe the development of medicine into science. He started to investigate and document his knowledge of the human body and of disease and provided the world with a master work in medicine "Al-Qanun fi al-tibb". This book laid the foundation of the medical science the way we know it today.

We try to adopt an open but critical attitude towards the cause and treatment of illness like Ibn Sina hoping to provide the best possible care for our patients.